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Pencak Silat Alazhar SBD Martial Arts is an affiliate – and the Canadian representative – of the renowned school of Pencak Silat Al-Azhar Seni Bela Diri Martial Arts Indonesia. The school has hundreds of branches in Indonesia and worldwide including New York and Washington. Our Canadian school is the third fully established school of Alazhar Pencak Silat in North America.

Pencak Silat Alazhar SBD Martial Arts follows the same style and regulations as the mother branch in Jakarta in terms of forms (Jurus) and techniques. The program is run by Prof. Dr. Hamid Slimi who has been practicing Martial Arts since his childhood and has more than one black belt in different styles of Martial Arts (Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian). He is a certified Instructor (Pelatih Utama) with a third Dan degree black belt in Pencak Silat. He is very passionate about empowering people specifically the future generation of Canadian leaders. He personally teaches this very important system in addition to the fact that he is a respected Canadian Muslim scholar, spiritual leader and founder of many community projects.

Pencak Silat is not only an Indonesian and Southeast Asian martial art, it is a system that helps develop the person’s personality of respect for parents, elders and teachers and builds the sense of teamwork and cooperation with others. In addition to learning self-defense (Bela Diri) and physical balance and agility (Seni), Pencak Silat is a great way to make friends in society and build soft skills in the person who practices it hence he/she develops easily good relations with people in society and becomes a successful individual.

Dr. Hamid Slimi has many students in North America and Indonesia and he brings to the school a wealth of experience in different walks of life including his spiritual leadership. He has studied and practiced many martial arts and now he is fully focused on promoting Pencak Silat for its countless benefits including at the levels of health and spirit.